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get a spare charger for your truck so when you leave the other one in the car you can still charge your battery up.  genuine tomtom spares these are not cheap imports - but well made accessories from tomtom. 

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Mr Barlow, Wirral

I have been a driver for 17 years and bridges are always a problem. I have wanted a system that helps me avoid Low Bridges for years. This product just takes the pressure off. I already have enough of that on the road anyway. It took me a day to master using the system. When I had it was just fantastic, with all the features I need.

The Warnings let me avoid bridges lower than my cab, whilst I am driving. I specially liked the feature where you can call your route up on the sat-nav. Then it will show you a list of all the bridges on or near your route. This is now part of my now and I would recommend it to any truck driver.


TDS - Traffic Receiver

Traffic receiver



turn your ordinary tomtom into a tomtom traffic. this kit is a genuine tomtom product and has all you need inside. Simply plug it in and your tomtom will start avoiding traffic jams. CHECK HERE on the list to see if your tomtom is compatible.

We are DISCOUNTING these hard to find kits to our customers for just £35

TruckPax Upgrade

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Our datapack add-on of UK HGV essentials - simple to setup. Giving you at your fingertips - 9000 Industrial Estates, Business Parks, Shopping Centres, Trading Parks.

Plus 9000 Petrol Stations like Keyfuels, Morrison's, Tesco, ASDA, BP, Shell. With details of HGV access, pumps and 24hr opening. We cant list it all here so just click the logo and find out more !


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Looking for just Low Bridges ?

if all you need is just
LOW BRIDGES then we still sell our market leading
Fleet & Low Bridges add-on pack for sat-nav's

some drivers don't need the full info proCAB provides and just want to know where Low Bridges are


Choose to update old maps or add new maps from a choice of UK or Western Europe.

We can REFRESH & UPDATE your tomtom with the very latest SOFTWARE & MAPS

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q.What TomTom's Work With Your Solutions ?

All TomTom's that have ever been made will work with our solutions - including the new tomtom LIVE 1000 ands other 4 digit models

Due to the way that TomTom have been built - they share common software. The current list includes: TomTom Classic, TomTom Go, TomTom Go 300, 500, 510, 520, 530, 540, 550 700, 710, 720, 730, 740, 750, 7000, 9000, 900, 910, 920, 930, 940, 950, 5150, Camper & Caravan, VIA, 825, 820, 120, 125, 7100, 7150, 9150, XXL, XXL Classic, TomTom One (all editions), TomTom One XL & XXL (all editions), TomTom Rider, TomTom Navigator 5 & 6, TomTom Mobile, TomTom Work, TomTom Cracker/Start and all other TomTom's including the "T", "Europe", "Regional" & "Music" versions. As TomTom bring out new models, be assured that our solutions will work with them. In fact the only tomtom model NOT COVERED is the tomtom iPhone app.

USER NOTE: TomTom Navigator 5/6 - doesn't use TomTom HOME Version 2. We therefore need to provide the data in a special format, that can be installed by copying the files to the PDA. Once you have paid - please contact us for the correct link.

Q.What Garmins Work With Your Solutions ?

This solution will work with all recent Garmin devices (manufactured in last 4 years)

Including:  Colorado 300 , Colorado 400c , Colorado 400i , Colorado 400t , eTrex Legend Cx , eTrex Venture Cx , eTrex Vista Cx , GPSMAP 496 , GPSMAP 60CSx , GPSMAP 60Cx , GPSMAP 76CSx , GPSMAP 76Cx , iQue M3 , iQue M4 , nuvi 200 , nuvi 200w , nuvi 205 , nuvi 205t , nuvi 205w , nuvi 215 , nuvi 215w , nuvi 250 , nuvi 250w , nuvi 255 , nuvi 255w , nuvi 260 , nuvi 260w , nuvi 265t , nuvi 265wt , nuvi 270 , nuvi 275t , nuvi 300 , nuvi 310 , nuvi 310t , nuvi 350 , nuvi 360 , nuvi 370 , nuvi 500 , nuvi 5000 , nuvi 550 , nuvi 600 , nuvi 610 , nuvi 650 , nuvi 660 , nuvi 670 , nuvi 680 , nuvi 750 , nuvi 755t , nuvi 760 , nuvi 760t , nuvi 765t , nuvi 770 , nuvi 775t , nuvi 780 , nuvi 785t , nuvi 850 , nuvi 855 , nuvi 865t , nuvi 880 , nuvi 885t , nuvi 1200 , nuvi 1210 , nuvi 1240 , nuvi 1300 , nuvi 1300t , nuvi 1310 , nuvi 1340 , nuvi 1340t , nuvi 1370t , nuvi 1390t , nuvi 1410, nuvi 1490t , nuvi 1690 , Oregon 300 , Oregon 400c , Oregon 400i , Oregon 400t , Quest 2 , StreetPilot 2720 , StreetPilot 2730 , StreetPilot 7200 , StreetPilot 7500 , StreetPilot c310 , StreetPilot c320 , StreetPilot c330 , StreetPilot c340 , StreetPilot c510 , StreetPilot c550 , StreetPilot c580 , StreetPilot i2 , StreetPilot i3 , StreetPilot i5 , zumo 450 , zumo 500 , zumo 550. In fact the only Garmin Models NOT COVERED are a few ZUMO models from about 5 years ago.

USER NOTE: If you are unsure about whether your device will work with the POI on this CD ROM then you can check compatibility with POI on Garmin's website HERE (use the compatibility select box on the right). If at any point you get stuck or have trouble installing then please also refer to our Troubleshooting section. You can open this by clicking on the nav-bar to the left and selecting Troubleshooting.

Q.What Navman's Work With Your Solutions ?

The solutions will work with all recent Navman devices.

including: iCN510, iCN520, iCN530, iCN550, iCN610 (with SmartST™  3), iCN620 (V3 or later), iCN630 (V3 or later), iCN635, iCN650, iCN720, iCN750, PIN300, PIN570, Sony NVX-P1, N20, N40i, N60i, F20*, F30*, F40*, F50*, S50, S70, S90i, SmartST™  V3, SmartST™  2005, SmartST™  2006,  Pocket PC (V3 and newer), any Navman device using NavDesk (other than S30 as they have been excluded now by Navman).

SmartST™  V2 and iCN620/630 (SmartST™  V2) are not supported. If unsure about your Navman's compatibility please then check the Navman website for compatibility. As a rule most Navman models post 2005 will work, and all versions running at least SmartST™ V3 or NavDesk will work.

If yours is not shown on the list but does use Navdesk - just select any other model when buying the solution. The list is just so we know what Navman units people have and the software is the same for all the devices listed.

If you have a Navman/Mio then load up the MioDesk software and see if there is the facility to LOAD POINTS OF INTEREST or LOAD CUSTOM POI - if there is then it will work just fine. Select when buying the Navman/Mio option listed

* The F range in some cases is supplied without the connectivity kit and USB cable needed to load POIs. If however you have the SmartST software or NavDesk with your F device then you can load POIs. If you don't have software and cable they can be purchased as a "connectivity kit" from Navman.

Q.What Versions Of MS Autoroute Work With Your Solution ?

All versions of Autoroute will work with our data packs

The Autoroute versions of our products use the capabilities of Autorute for implementing all the routing (that's why people have Autoroute after all !). due to its popularity we have made our data packs in this format so Autoroute customers can enjoy the proCAB and truckPAX experiences

We provide our DATAPACKS with full instruction on how to convert them top PUSHPINS for Autoroute and load them up.

Q. What other types of Sat-Nav will work with your Solution ?

There are many other Sat-Nav's that can work with our solutions - from using the DATAPACKS to advanced routing. Its best to call us up and have a brief chat about what you want.

If your sat-nav supports additional user data - in other words you can load data into it, then we can provide the data.

check first if yours is a "re-badged" unit, many Kenwoods and Mercedes are in fact Garmin street pilots and can read data from a CD ROM. Any vehicle that's fitted with a recent Kenwood Sat-Nav system should also work, they are a "re-badged" Garmin device (a number of Mercedes trucks use these).

There are many other sat-nav's that can use the data such as: HP GPS, Packard Bell, SONY and Bluemedia - these all work. Then there are any PDA or Sat-Nav's that run the Designator GPS software, these all work. The ALK Co-pilot in some models also works as does the Acer PDA's and PDA or GPS with Navio.

Mio devices that run the TomTom software will all work. Mio devices that run either MioMap V3 or the iGO software will also work. Selected Magellan Roadmate's will work as will some Navigon models. 

Finally if you are very keen to use your Sat-Nav and its not listed here, then look at They sell software for about £20 that you install and it allows you to load POI data, they do this for many devices. This is really the only way you could get it working on a Sat-Nav that's not supported (we are not affiliated with poiwarner).

Q.How many bridges do you have in the solution ?

We have over 4,500 Low Bridges (compared to 1,700 in the current AA Truckers Atlas)

That's twice the number in the AA truckers atlas ! We have been developed the products and data for 5 years, with several thousand customers. You will buy a well used, tried and tested solution.

We record all the bridge heights in both metric (m & cm) and imperial (ft & in) along with designation, road name and locality. We have also (as of 2012) added a new category called NARROW ROADS to help address the problem of "non restricted" locations that nobody in large vehicles would still want to travel down !

Thousands of professional drivers already rely on this system every working day, shouldn't you be joining them ?

The proTOUR/proCAB data covers the UK Mainland only - if you need Ireland or Europe for large vehicles then we suggest the only solutions that we know which work are the tomtom Dedicated satnav units (which we also sell) see 5150, 7100, 7150 for the range. 

Q.What if I need some help ?

We are always here to provide help to get you setup.

Part of the price for our products covers the time we spend assisting users. Many of you will be coming to this for the first time and need help "loading" up a CD ROM or DOWNLOAD into the sat-nav.

That's why we have an expert technical support team on hand, they cover normal office hours week-days as well as evenings and weekends ! We know that many drivers only have Saturday and Sunday to install our products. So we have people on hand to help you even at the weekend.

Q. How do I get my DOWNLOAD ?

After paying for the product you will be returned to this website if you used paypal, or if using Credit Card you will see a small orange button to click.

On return our servers will bring up your download details, instructions, Licence Code and a large button to start the download.

If anything goes wrong - then simply return to the main HOME page and click in the top right on CUSTOMER LOGIN. Use your code and email address and login to get a copy.

Please read the instructions carefully and follow them. If you missed this page or closed down after paying - then call us up and we can send you the DOWNLOAD.

Q. I cant find my DOWNLOAD link anywhere - what do I do ?

Occasionally customers exit PayPal before they return to our website which is where the download information is provided.

Occasionally people close down the payment page and don't return to our website. If this happens the order can be delayed until it is completed by the system itself. When this happens an email is sent to you with the details. If you think that this has happened and you want to check - then call the helpdesk and ask on 0844 330 4098 4098 or 0845 468 1655

Please mention the product you bought, the purchasers name, your name (if different), the email used to pay, your email (if different) and when you paid.

Our support team will look this up on the system and send you the details you need. Please always have a working email address registered with us. We sent out updates via email and so its very important the email is correct and works.

We try hard to rectify all problems swiftly and recognise that its very frustrating to pay for something and to not get it. This is why we operate our support desk on email and telephone at the weekends. Please call us up if you need your DOWNLOAD - this will be faster than email. If you don't get a reply - try using the direct line mobile number given at the bottom of this page.

Q. When can I expect my CD ROM to arrive ?

We process CD ROM orders once a week on a Monday (unless its bank holiday)

These are then despatched to customers that evening and at the same time an email is sent, confirming despatch. They are sent via first class post and so its likely that they will arrive on late Tuesday or Wednesday morning.

Please contact us if you have ordered a CD ROM and on the next Monday you do not receive an email confirming despatch. Sometimes people click the download rather than the CD ROM option by mistake and don't realise. We like to have things like this cleared up quickly.

Also contact us if you receive the despatch email, but the CD ROM does not arrive after 5 working days. We will then send another CD ROM to you and follow up the missing one with the Royal Mail ourselves.

if you have any order queries you can always email or call us.

Q. How do I install the Solution onto my Sat-Nav ?

That's a good question ! Its really very simple to set the system up.

Use the quick start guide, which takes you through each step of the setup with pictures. You then choose your vehicles cab height and add the route planning and safety features. This usually takes people about fifteen minutes. If you need any assistance then we are always pleased to help you.

Q. How can I send you changes that I have spotted ?

We are always happy to receive information to help make things better for everyone.

To recognise this we have setup a special set of instructions on how to send in changes to us using a TomTom. We can accept the updates in any format you can provide them. Also if you just want to fax or scan a page of  map with a circle around changes, we are happy to receive your info in any way possible.


Q. Do you do a Keyfuels or HGV Specific Locations product ?

That's an interesting question ! Yes we do

We have created an HGV specific set of information because of the cost of fuel and the problems with access for HGV to some fuel stops. We have included all of the services for: Keyfuels, BP, Esso, Morrison's and other leading brands.

Added to this we put Industrial Estates for Sat-nav's, Trading Estates, Shopping centres, Business parks, Technology Centres, Ports, Docks & harbours, Lay-bys for HGV's to stop in, Car Parks - over 9000 of these. With Truckstops and roadside cafes for a break, we also have Motorway Services, Little Chef and over 10,000 petrol stations.

Most drivers in general haulage find that POST CODES are not very good for locating INDUSTRIAL ESTATES and take you to the wrong place. That's why the 9,000 Trading Parks and Industrial Estates in our database are a massive help to drivers.

This was in the past a separate product - we have for simplicity merged it into proCAB PLUS. So if you need this sort of info then get a copy of proCAB PLUS.

Q. Can I use proCAB to avoid bridges/weights/widths ?

Yes you can use the system to avoid all of them

Before driving you can use the Fleet & Low Bridges Solution to see you complete list of all the bridges on route with heights. In proCAB you can do the same, and also see Weight & Width restrictions. You can see a map of their location and where the route goes. You can choose which road to take around them as well.

Both proCAB & Fleet & Low Bridges allow you to plan an alternate route around them or just be "aware" of where they are on the journey.

Once driving both system provide you with spoken and visual alerts for the restrictions (heights or height, weights & widths). The alerts can be set for different driving conditions, such as in the city, or long country lanes.

Providing you setup the vehicles dimensions correctly before driving, you will get warnings only when you need to avoid something. when you get the alert you need to divert from your route and can use the divert feature to go around the problem.

The various makes & models of sat-nav do vary in their functions, some can do all of the above, others less. Any tomtom even older models can do everything above. If you are unsure then please ask. Click "more info" on the menu or "Demo" to see details. 

Q. How do I keep the Solution up to date ?

We send out at least two updates per year, more if they are needed.

 These are a complete review of all the data as well as height changes and new structures. Most of our customers find this very useful as it ensures they have the most up to date information. Updates are included free for the year. 

Q. What's the difference between the DOWNLOAD and CD ROM?

Well there isn't really any difference.

Its exactly the same product but its just delivered  in two different ways. The CD ROM is sent out by first class post to your home address. Whilst the DOWNLOAD can be accessed as soon as your payment is completed. For those who are slightly less technical the CD ROM ensures that you always have a copy of the solution around as backup.

If you buy the CD you can still download the product straight away, as you will have instant access. We will still send you the CD if you order it, even if you decide to download a copy straight away to get you going. So buying the CD doesn't mean you have to wait.

Q. Where can I find your phone number ?

If you click on "contact us" on the side menu you will get all the contact details that you require.

Please note that the Telesales and Technical Support numbers operate from 9am to 5pm including weekends.

We suggest that you use email to contact us in the first instance about all technical matters. This will ensure that we can have the right technical person look at your question before contacting you. Please see "What if I need some help ?" above.

Q. What methods can I use to pay for the Solution with ?

You can pay using any CREDIT or DEBIT CARD, E-CHEQUE or via PAYPAL.

We use PayPal Business Services to process all our payments - by Credit Card, Debit Card, E-cheque and PAYPAL. You don't need to have a PAYPAL account to pay us, nor do you need to use it if you do have one and prefer to use a Credit Card/debit Card.

If you want to use a Credit Card then look for the menu on the left hand side of the payments page - which says "prefer to pay via credit/debit  card". Click on the continue link that just to the right of it.

If you have any difficulties ordering then just call one of our helpful telesales staff up, and they will help sort it out.

If you prefer to use the telephone to place your order, you can - just call any of our telesales numbers from the "Contact Us" page for.

Q. Are bridges on "unclassified" roads included ?

Yes we collect and store all types of road designations.

 "A" roads, major "B" roads, minor "B" roads and unclassified ones. When surveying the bridges we also name the roads they are on, record the height and locality. This ensures that we capture the smaller and more problematic roads for trucks that ate on small country lanes.

Often these are "private" structures not owned or maintained by Highways, County Council or National Rail. This makes them very hard to locate as no public body knows about them.  Out of the 3,500 Low Bridges that we have recorded, probably about half are on "unclassified" roads.

Q. How much does "proCAB PLUS" cost ?


Our current prices are all shown on the web-pages. Some discounts are offered where customers are buying several or renewing the solutions. If you are a previous customer of ours, its always worth calling, let us check and getting a discount code given to you to use. We do value repeat custom and allow any previous users to get some money off.


Anyone who is renewing a product for another year, or who has bought the CD ROM will have a voucher. To use it, simply copy the CODE given into the voucher box on the payment page. Click the GREEN BUTTON and the voucher will be used. A special window pops up to show the voucher has been successful.


Ultimately our solutions are excellent value for money, buying proCAB PLUS still costs less than £1 a week and we have held the price for the last 3 years ! That's very cheap considering the value it gives, and the problems that are avoided.

Q. Can I buy from you over the telephone please ?

Yes you can order by phone.

Just click "contact us" on the side menu and see the Telesales details. You can call us up and then place your order. Please remember that we take orders by phone between 9am and 5pm including weekends.

Q. I need to contact you about something urgently - what do I do ?

From time to time people need to talk to us quickly, about orders, problems and help they need.

We have our regular details on the "contact us" page which you can access using the blue menu on the left hand side. There are a number of numbers and ones at the weekend and out of hours are shown.

If you get no response then you can use 07920056333 for the on call Managers mobile.

Q. Do you offer an install and setup service for the Solution ?

Installing and setting up the solution yourself on a Sat-Nav is very simple.

We provide an easy to follow step by step guide with pictures, which walks you through it. We are also always here to provide additional help and support if needed. However, there are some people who would just like to pay a little extra to have it all done for them.

For these people we have developed a "complete setup service". Currently we only offer this for Garmin and TomTom devices. You post the SD card (or the whole unit) to us via recorded delivery. We then install and setup the solution and send it back ready to use.

This costs £40 and there is also a fee for returning the sat-nav via special delivery. For more details click on "Setup Service" on the side menu.

Q. I keep on running your installer and it hasn't gone onto my satnav ?

That's because the installer - puts the data packs and guide onto YOUR COMPUTER not the SATNAV.

Its a common mistake - because we ask you to plug the satnav in and its called an "installer". What actually happens is we pickup the security code from your satnav and register this on our database. This is to prevent people putting the software onto two sat-nav's/

We could actually make it install onto the satnav - but we don't. The reason is that we want you to use the software supplied by your manufacturer to install the data packs.

This is to prevent any problems for you later, and make sure you keep your warranty. If you did have a problem and went to say "Halfords" and mentioned that you installed HGV solutions straight onto the sat-nav, they could then blame us for it going wrong. To avoid this and keep your warranty intact we choose to use the software recommended from your manufacturer to install it.

So the installer you run puts it onto the computer - when you see the "congratulations YOURNAME you have installed proCAB to the computer" - then its done exactly that. Do not run the installer again or it will then wipe off hat you have just put on ! You only need to install it once to the computer.

Q. I have a tomtom and have run the installer and I can't get it on ?

Make sure you follow the guide that opens properly and that you have the latest version of tomtom HOME.

The sequence is this - run the installer - it tells you you have successfully installed the solution to the computer.

It then opens up a setup guide and places the guide shortcut onto your desktop (a yellow truck).

You then need to follow this and use tomtom HOME or mytomtom (depends on your tomtom) to install it to the tomtom.

If you get a "wrong product selected" message - check that you are using the correct tomtom button (there are two one for mytomtom users and one for tomtom HOME users - you need the right one for your tomtom type).

If you get hopelessly confused, best to call us up !