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Don't just take our word - see what our customers have to say about us;

Mr R Mitchell, Flintshire - "I have used the Low Bridge solution now for over two years and found it very useful. Reliable, easy to use and with very clear warnings.  When I move large machine loads, I setup my route and avoid all the bridges and have a trouble free journey. I upgraded to the proCAB PLUS about a year ago and was again amazed at what it did. As well as the Low Bridges which I was already used to - I got all the extra stuff- Weight, Narrow Roads, Bollards, Widths, Humped Bridges, Lanes, Tracks, Lay-bys, TruckStop's, Car Parks, Services, Gravel Pits, Farms , Industrial Estates and all the rest...

This is the product that HGV drivers have been waiting for ever since satnav's were invented !

We have been developing this solution for the last 8 years with feedback and suggestions from real truck drivers. The product contains a special "data pack" that has a massive store of Low Bridge locations for the UK.

This is then  loaded onto your Sat-Nav which can then provide you with Bridge information, routes and warnings. We do still sell the Low Bridge solution, however it has mainly been replaced by our full proCAB Solution. If the driver requires ONLY LOW BRIDGES and nothing else, then Fleet & Low Bridge is fine. However most customers opt for the full proCAB PLUS package (which is shown in the slides). proCAB PLUS includes the Low Bridges, but also has Weight Limits, Width Restrictions, Narrow Roads, Bollards, Lay-bys, TruckStop's, Services, Fuel Stops, Gravel Pits, Industrial Estates, Supermarkets, Ports & Harbours, Farms and more besides ....

At the bottom of this page is a link which will take you to either the full proCAB PLUS solution or the purchase page for just Low Bridges.

What makes Low Bridges so great ?

HGVSOLUTIONS have developed the Low Bridge system over the last 6 years - it has now been combined with other information to form the proCAB PLUS solution. We suggest you take a look at both options - as very few people need just the Low Bridges.

Take a look at this list of GREAT FEATURES offered by Low Bridges;

  • Over 4,600 Low Bridge locations 
  • Drivers warned of problems with spoken voice alerts on tomtom
  • "pre-plan" and "live alert" features help drivers plan & avoid restrictions
  • Set up warnings for the actual dimensions of the vehicle use
  • All warnings given in Metric and Imperial for ease of use
  • Updates provided every 2 months for free during first years licence
  • Adjust warnings for urban or rural roads - your preference
  • Easy "divert" function to avoid restrictions whilst driving
  • Works with all tomtom and garmin models

If you are thinking about getting a new truck satnav, then we suggest you take a look at the proCAB versions of the 7100 and 7150 TRUCK.

Highlights of the solution

Vehicle dimensions are fully adjustable within  Fleet & Low Bridge Solution. The driver can alter the height of the vehicle before starting each trip if required.

HGV driving under a Low Bridge using the Low Bridge Warning Solution THIS DRIVER IS VERY LUCKY THAT HE MANAGED TO FIT UNDER THE BRIDGE !

Working with drivers it was clear that the ability to change the vehicle dimensions was also very important. Many vehicles change their height, due to the loads being carried.  Examples include low loaders, large HGV's, car and crane transporters, specialist machinery movers and many more.

Vehicle dimensions are fully adjustable within  Fleet & Low Bridge Solution and the driver can alter the height from the cab just before setting off if needed. Fleet & Low Bridge Solution allows the driver to set the sat-nav so that "vehicle specific" warnings are given.  This makes planning and driving much easier as the driver can then only be concerned with restrictions that apply to his vehicle.

HGV driving under a Low Bridge using the Low Bridge Warning Solution ALWAYS LIVE

At any point the map can be looked at and all of the Low Bridges with icons to show their locations. Clicking one brings up more information about the restriction and location, such as the specific height, width or weight (in imperial and metric). Also displayed are details such as the road type ( e.g. A404), road name (e.g. London Road) and locality (e.g. Taplow).

Fleet & Low Bridge Solution users often use this to have a quick look at the delivery location and surrounding area surrounding. This very rapidly helps the driver get to grips with the delivery location as well as showing any potential problems with access.

Keeping you up to date with changes

There is no doubt that there are regular changes to all of the information we provide and that things don't remain static. Low bridges are re-designated or changed, councils dig the roads up and alter structures.

This adds up to changes which drivers need to know about, and so we publish updates every six months to reflect these. These can be downloaded or sent out on disk  for fleet customers. This ensures that you always use the most up to date information available and that you can keep pace with changes. These updates are FREE and are included as standard in every Annual Licence sold.

Fleet & Low Bridge Warning - the Features

The "Fleet & Low Bridge Solution" is packed full of features, including many designed after driver feedback: monthly updates of data, easy switching of vehicle heights for contract drivers, choice of visual and spoken voice alerts to avoid distractions, heights in both imperial (ft & inches) and metric (metres & cm). Also included is the road name, road designation (A, B etc) and locality for every Low Bridge.

To make setup really easy we have added a "quick start guide" and included cab heights to match every UK commercial vehicle.

This allows the driver to see problems on a route based on the cab height, as well as alerts when driving specifically for that vehicle. Rather than just getting a "general" warning of a bridge ahead, our Solution tells the driver if he can proceed or if a diversion is needed.

The "quick start guide" is very easy to follow and has clear step by step instructions with screenshots. In addition to this there is free technical support provided by email and phone if its needed.

If you want to PAY ONLINE

Pay using any CREDIT or DEBIT CARD, E-CHEQUE or using a PAYPAL account.

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Just click the CHECKOUT button below and it will take you straight to the Payment Page. NO shopping carts, lengthy checkouts, and lots of typing. We use PAYPAL to process all of the payments, don't worry you don't have to join them or be a member. You can simply use your Credit/Debit card as normal.

If you want to PAY OVER THE PHONE

Some people may have a few question to ask before buying the product and others prefer to have someone take their order. So we are happy to still run a telephone order line. Our staff are all in the UK and can answer any questions you may have.

Please don't be shy and call us on 0845 388 6475 to place your order and see just how good our people are !


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