Some end of line stock - the tomtom GO LIVE 750 with proCAB and tomtom TRUCK both setup on them. NEW units, boxed with 1 Year Warranty.  If you are looking for a new satnav but without the huge price tag - take a look at these.

These let you set your vehicle height, weight. width for ALL LARGE VEHICLES - thats HGV's, Tippers, Rigids, Curtain Sides, Artics - plus Caravans, Motor homes, Horse Boxes , Boats and more ...

These have everything updated - the reason they are cheap is that these are last years models and the styling has altered to 7100 style cases now. But if you want a new, reliable satnav for large vehicles across Europe these are excellent - CLICK HERE




The new tomtom 7100 truck - for ALL LARGE VEHICLES - thats HGV's, Tippers, Rigids, Curtain Sides, Artics - plus Caravans, Motorhomes, Horse Boxes , Boats and more ...

With WIDE SCREEN and FLUID TOUCH (like an iPHONE) why not have a good look at it - see our animated slidshow

get this very neat luxury case for a great price



tomtom work logo


We have just extended our product range to include all of the very latest truck satnav's from tomtom.


We sell the tomtom TRUCK 7150 and tomtom TRUCK 7000 at incredible prices at the moment - these are available in the standard models (same as other resellers) or the proCAB versions - which are all setup properly, updated maps and pre-installed proCAB or proTOUR. Why don't you have  a look.



For mobile/motor home and caravan enthusiasts we are also offering the proTOUR range to complement proCAB.


Specifically the leisure industry - this is for weekends away, holidays and entertainment.

Retaining proCAB's capabilities - it has extras like locations Caravan Sites, Lay-Bys, Car Parks etc.


Call us for details

Call on 0845 388 6475


Mr Barlow, Wirral

I have been a driver for 17 years and bridges are always a problem. I have wanted a system that helps me avoid Low Bridges for years. This product just takes the pressure off. It took me a day to master using the system. When I had it was just fantastic, with all the features I need.

The Warnings lets me avoid bridges lower than my load height , whilst I am driving. I specially liked the feature which lets you call your route up on the sat-nav. This lets you see a blow by blow account of the Restrictions and plan around them.

My satnav now goes everywhere with me and I really depend on it, I can recommend it to all fellow HGV drivers.


Traffic Cable - hard to find version for truck models 7100 / 7150 / 9150

"FREE" Traffic for life - RDS/TMC for 7100/7150/9150

These are hard to find the right ones which will work with the Truck models. If you need one for a car tomtom then see below. This one however has the special "dongle" and converter required for the Active tomtom mount used on the truck models. Its genuine tomtom kit. tomtom have done a great design and this is also a charger - which means you wont lose this and leave it in another wagon !

It also avoids having two cables or sticking it to the window - one lead does it all ! There is NO SUBSCRIPTION to pay - you get the tomtom traffic bar on the right and it will also re-route you as an HGV around traffic. WORKS ACROSS EUROPE and a lot cheaper than a subscription for LIVE SERVICES.


tomtom traffic cable - with built in charger - does both jobs for you in one lead

Traffic Cable - hard to find versions for all tomtom models

"FREE" Traffic for life - RDS/TMC for normal tomtoms: one, XL, XXL, IQ, LIVE etc 1000/820/VIA/start etc

Some of the tomtom's have easy to find TMC cables and others less so. We have compiled details of every TMC for every tomtom and what works from where. So if you want traffic, in the UK without a subscription and for free - then get one of these cables.

They just plug into your tomtom with the charger passing through as well - so you don't have too many things dangling around. You get the active traffic bar - with the HD traffic info to the right. As you drive any alerts flash up and suggest you avoid them - you can preset how you want this.

For anyone on the road and who doest like traffic jams- this is a huge benefit. These are all genuine tomtom items - and NO SUBSCRIPTION to pay  - ever ! ZERO  EFFORT to SETUP just PLUG it in and GO ...




Special tomtom extended holder mount for trucks - specials for truck models 7100 / 7150 / 9150

tomtom quality extended mounts with very strong suction and rigid but flexible arm for the 7100/7150/9150

Extension arms are essential in a truck, however nobody was stocking them for the new TRUCK PRO TOMTOM 7100/7150/9150 ? The reason was because these newer models it use the "active mount" (you can see it in the picture below). So we went and got some active mounts and the tomtom extender arms (we had stocked for years) and put them together.

They are now a BEST SELLER - as we are the only people doing them. If you are reading this and need one for a normal tomtom - see the next section.

With a rigid but moveable arm, adjust clip, swivel ball joint, and active mount. There is a very strong and very sturdy, sucker to grip the windscreen ! This has been designed especially for large vehicles, the arm wont wobble when driving (from vibrations), there is a ratchet locking lever and a mount release switch. You have the tomtom nice and close to you, can press it and also the arm wont wobble when you drive (unlike some we tested that were cheaper and moved around). The arm on the tomtom one is rigid so it won't wobble or move but you can bend it to suit your situation. We in fact tested lots of different extender arms and this is the only one that was firm enough. There's an adjustable ball joint for positioning the unit as well.


tomtom extendING MOUNTS / window mounts with flexible arm - hard to find specially for the tomtom pro TRUCK 7100/7150/9150

Special tomtom extended holder mount for use in trucks/caravans/motor homes  or cars - for the tomtom one / xl / xxl / 5,7,9 series etc..

tomtom quality mount with strong suction and flexible arm specials for tomtoms one / xl / xxl / 5,7,9 series

Extension arms are super in a truck, we have sold for a while these and they are a great seller. These will work for the tomtom ONE, NEW ONE, ONE XL, XL classic, XL V2,3,4,5, XL IQ/LIVE/Europe/ XXL (all) , GO 520,530,540,720,730,740,920,930,940, truck 7000 / 9000

If you are looking for one for a truck model 7100, 7150 or 9150 then see the box above as those models require an active mount.

With a rigid but moveable arm, adjust clip, swivel ball joint, and active mount. It has a very strong and very sturdy, sucker to grip the windscreen too !  Designed especially for large vehicles, this extension arm is flexible and brings your tomtom nice and close. The arm is rigid enough that it wont wobble or move - we tested lots of different ones and this is the only one that was firm. There's an adjustable ball joint for positioning the unit as well.  These are a new best seller for us.


tomtom LONG ARM MOUNTS - for tomtom models ONE / XL / XXL / 5,7,9, series go and truck 7000 / 9000

tomtom LUXURY case with red plush - large enough to put all your gear inside - tomtom, charger, mounts, cables - the works !

the very best case for a tomtom - holds everything in one place and made by tomtom - quality is superb

These luxury cases are not cheap—but they are the “real deal”. There's little difference between the LUXURY and the TRAVEL cases from tomtom. Then there are cases from other makes - which are all pretty worthless. We have seen many cases advertised to look like these—but we only buy our cases from tomtom, so we know what we are getting.

Like their satnav's the quality is top notch and these cases really shine through as anyone who has owned one will tell you. They are just so convenient with a holder for everything, netting and elastic sections., zip up, strap and large enough to be useful and small enough not to be a suit case !

This plush case is large enough for your truck tomtom, charger, mount and other leads—keep it all together in a very neat, safe and rugged ZIP-UP package with carrying strap. These are just fantastic for any busy man on the move ! description


the very best all round case there is - not cheap but top quality

LARGE TRAVEL CASE with STRAP - Genuine and made by tomtom

the original TRAVEL CASE from tomtom - with red plush, straps, ruggedized form and zip to hold all your gear

There is no better case than this to own ! They are made for the "man on the move" to keep all his kit in one place, when swapping trucks.

If you work a demanding day - say you are up at four AM on Dover docks and are swapping trucks - the last thing you want is to have a "naff" case you bought for a tenner at the market burst at the seam and scatter your satnav on the deck ! Buy cheap and you will buy twice is the old saying and its true !

Get a decent case and treat yourself - you only need the one case that works, lasts and hold everything - this is it. OK -tomtom cases (like all tomtom stuff) are not cheap - however they do last and work. There is a net inside to hold cables, a holder, cleaner, strap, zip, rugged form and plush insides. It looks the business and is the business - holding everything you want : charger, cables, mount, tomtom and other bits and bobs - all in one place securely. When you need to tuck the satnav away, swap trucks or take it onto a hotel room - then that's easy to do.

If you are not sure to get the LUXURY case or this one - then the LUXURY case is more for showing off the style (and is a great case) - this one is tops for sheer usefulness and hard wearing.


best all round case Bar none - from tomtom and hold it all !


FIVE inch cases - for larger satnav's like truck 7150, XXL, 1005, 825 and others

You can look around places and there don't seem to be any proper large cases Its difficult to get a good 5 inch case that works properly -= we know because w spent three months trying them out and looking for one to sell to our customers of the 5 & 7 truck models.

Well we have found one and surprise !! its from tomtom again! They do make the best cases and the are no exception. Well this is one and its great, with elastic sides and it works like a wallet keeping the unit snug and safe inside. Slip the satnav into the case, the on/off button is protected from going on or of by accident, the screen is fully protected and there is a magnetic catch to help keep it closed. To open just pull apart and it flap back. The pictures here show wjat we mean by this.

As mentioned above - we did run tests on all sorts of "cheap jack gypo tosh" and it was very clear that the only ones which scored well with our drivers who help test these was a the tomtom case. Its very clear that time and again tomtom cases cannot be beaten on quality, value and usefulness.

Most places just sell things for profit, or because they are offered them to stock. We are different as you can see - pictures all the way here of the actual items (which we take) and f you call us up we can tell you all about the items.


here you can see the tomtom going into the case which is like a wallet


standard tomtom cases - the very best and ruggedized

Tomtom cases are the best full stop ! Just pop the truck satnav into this and protect it from scratches and the rest—in its protective shell for 4.3 inch and we have tomtom flap cases for the 5 inch satnav’s these are the rugged cases which fit all widescreen models. They are rubberised on the outside so if you drop them they help lessen impact - very good cases ...


rugged and hard wearing cases fit the tomtom like a glove

Chargers for cars and trucks - rated with overload protection and docking stations

be safe - get a overload protected tomtom charger for trucks rated for 24v and 12v use

You need to make sure you use the right charger in a truck, coach, bus etc. All modern tomtom chargers are 12v/24v (and will switch over themselves) so you can use them and they will “operate” in a truck, coach etc. However – there is a difference between them working and also protecting the satnav from damage.

Large vehicle power supplies are likely to “ripple” and will from time to time create a voltage “spike”. This “spike” is what can cause damage, its a sudden short lived massive voltage surge - say from 24v to 300v for 30 milli seconds. This is quite common in trucks, coaches and trailers - and if it lasts too long it will "fry" your tomtom. When you see a big puff of smoke from the back - that's the reason !

That's why the truck and large vehicle chargers are rated differently and the fuse is set to blow at a lower rating. Car tomtom chargers are rated at peak of 250v - the truck ones are rated at 32v - a big difference ! We suggest you invest in a truck charger for your tomtom - just to be on the safe side. Overload protection and buying a new charger is much cheaper than a new tomtom !

If you need a home docking station we also sell those - shown here. Just pay for it below and then when we send confirmation - tell the operator who calls you that you want a docking station rather than a charger. Why not use our offer below and get both together ?




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