Mr Agnew, Stockport

"I hadnt really "got on" with satnav's before this and so was a bit sceptical when I saw this proTOUR upgrade. Would it really help me avoid Narrow lanes and find the best ways into sites ?

I called up and asked you what satnav to get and you steered me to a tomtom XXL - great choice ! With the new large screen and proTOUR all setup its fantastic. I strongly recommend proTOUR and your helpful staff to all other customers - your phone helpdesk is brilliant.

A big thanks for your help and please keep on developing these products - we NEED THEM !"



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get a spare charger for your truck so when you leave the other one in the car you can still charge your battery up.  genuine tomtom spares these are not cheap imports - but well made accessories from tomtom. 

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get this very neat luxury case for a great price

The new tomtom 7100 truck - for ALL LARGE VEHICLES - thats HGV's, Tippers, Rigids, Curtain Sides, Artics - plus Caravans, Motorhomes, Horse Boxes , Boats and more ...

With WIDE SCREEN and FLUID TOUCH (like an iPHONE) why not have a good look at it - see our animated slidshow



The new tomtom 7000 truck - now for ALL LARGE VEHICLES - thats HGV's, Tippers, Rigids, Curtain Sides, Artics - plus Caravans, Motorhomes, Horse Boxes , Boats and more ...

We take a "regular" truck 7000 then BOOST it with proCAB or proTOUR - to give the features you can see HERE.

If you look around at other tomtom truck 7000 dealers - you won't see any screenshots like the one above !

That's because only proCAB or proTOUR (one for HGV other is for Leisure Vehicles) gives you this capability.

It also includes our massive database of useful HGV/Leisure locations - at your fingertips. How about 9000 Industrial Estates, Business Parks, Shopping Centres, Supermarkets, Depots, Truck Stops, car parks, Lay-bys, Farms, Sand Pits, Gravel Pits, Caravan Sites, C&C 9CL & CS), National trust, ASDA, Tesco, M&S, Morrisons, BP, Shell, Keyfuels etc ..



Upgrade your car satnav this weekend and use it with your MOTOR HOME or CARAVAN

proTOUR PLUS has been trusted for the last 10 years by oweners of caravans and motor homes. Built upon the same technology as our award winning proCAB product for HGV's.

With a brand new country wide data survey we undertook over this last winter - we now have masses of new info pouring into the databanks and used in proTOUR PLUS which makes it "something special".


proTOUR PLUS - The PREMIUM 2016 PRODUCT has been relied upon for years by our customer and is now even better and improved. By adding new info and taking their thoughtful and experienced feedback we have added in new locations, places, spots and data packing techniques to create an unrivalled product for the satnav user.

Included is the self same info that makes proCAB so accurate and useful - locations for Low Bridges, Weight Limits, Width Restrictions, Narrow Roads, Exclusions and Bollards. Plus the added details of free wi-fi points, lay-bys, services, branded garages, fuel stops, LPG, gas stops, car parks, caravan parks, rest stops, coach parks, golf courses, facilities, ports, harbours, beaches, supermarkets by brand - tesco, ASDA, Waitrose, M&S plus more....


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Download Icon - showing that tjhis product can be downloaded
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Add FULL COLOUR proCAB Users Guide & Tips !

handy pocket size 'A5' book - with plastic cover in A5 size for use in the truck.

Each section has full colour pictures of the tomtom screen and helpful drivers tips are highlighted.

Includes; multi-drop/stop, plan ways around problems and restricted areas, easy routes when on the move, avoid blocked country lanes before going down them, adjust your routes easily, re-use your safe/favourite routes and share them, trip planning in detail, visit or avoid places/roads on the journey and much more... Guiding you with easy steps so you set it all up correctly and then using proCAB for the first time. Then onto the more advanced topics and how the top drivers use proCAB to save themselves time.
The guide will make sure you get the best out of proCAB - quickly.


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