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We now provide the amazing tomtom PRO Truck models 7100 and the newer 5 inch 7150. You can get a great deal on these with or without proCAB Plus or for Caravans and Motorhomes proTOUR Plus.


You can see these here at PRO TRUCK 7100 and



These will auto-route you around Restrictions

More Info8th Sep 2011


Mr Blakeborough, Wirral

I have been a driver for 17 years and bridges are always a problem. I have wanted a system that helps me avoid Low Bridges for years. This product just takes the pressure off. I already have enough of that on the road anyway. It took me a day to master using the system. When I had it was just fantastic, with all the features I need.

The Warnings let me avoid bridges lower than my cab, whilst I am driving. I specially liked the feature where you can call your route up on the sat-nav. Then it will show you a list of all the bridges on or near your route. This is now part of my now and I would recommend it to any truck driver.


The new tomtom 7100 truck - for ALL LARGE VEHICLES - thats HGV's, Tippers, Rigids, Curtain Sides, Artics - plus Caravans, Motorhomes, Horse Boxes , Boats and more ...

With WIDE SCREEN and FLUID TOUCH (like an iPHONE) why not have a good look at it - see our animated slidshow



The new tomtom 7000 truck - now for ALL LARGE VEHICLES - thats HGV's, Tippers, Rigids, Curtain Sides, Artics - plus Caravans, Motorhomes, Horse Boxes , Boats and more ...

We take a "regular" truck 7000 then BOOST it with proCAB or proTOUR - to give the features you can see HERE.

If you look around at other tomtom truck 7000 dealers - you won't see any screenshots like the one above !

That's because only proCAB or proTOUR (one for HGV other is for Leisure Vehicles) gives you this capability.

It also includes our massive database of useful HGV/Leisure locations - at your fingertips. How about 9000 Industrial Estates, Business Parks, Shopping Centres, Supermarkets, Depots, Truck Stops, car parks, Lay-bys, Farms, Sand Pits, Gravel Pits, Caravan Sites, C&C 9CL & CS), National trust, ASDA, Tesco, M&S, Morrisons, BP, Shell, Keyfuels etc ..



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If you have used up your DOWNLOADS or ACTIVATIONS and need them reset - you can call us, however probably the quickest way (and out of hours) is use TEXT. Text to us the message "RESET your name your licence" to 07920056333 - when its been done you will get a TEXT message back.


During office hours call the numbers above, the mobile is with us even when we are out on jobs.


We often have enquiries from people wanting to update older copies of proCAB or proTOUR. You can call us and give your details and if you are outside of your licence period then we will give you a DISCOUNT code to use to buy a new copy for less.

If you still have a current Licence (within the year) - then simply login from the main webpage (top right) and download the latest copy.

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In the first case we suggest that you have a look at the "Support & FAQ" pages first. We find most help provided is for the same few issues people have - so the common help for these is there.

If you need to call us up for help, please have to hand: Licence Code, the product name, satnav type and the email you used to pay with.

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We have a resellers network in the UK and this includes a referral scheme.  We are happy to take on new distributors and welcome all enquiries.