get the full LOW BRIDGES maps all on your iPAD, iPHONE or other e-book reader or tablet or phone !!

Yes, the time has almost arrived ! 
The worlds first TRUCKERS e-ATLAS !

Well it did have to happen sooner or later ! As Newspapers, Books and Magazines all move over to the digital "readers" e-book, and Kindle type screens..

Imagine using the screens above - (picture taken from the new app) - where you can see a map, with the route you planned, plus you can also see any Restrictions - and just to be sure you can then ZOOM IN and have an actual look at it using Google. Brilliant - its never been easier to properly plan a route and then just follow it on your phone or tablet. Plus if you like a paper copy - then PRINT it off or EMAIL it to yourself .

NOW ON SALE - JUST £45 iPhone / iPad / All Tablets / Smartphones / Laptops / Mac

* Please note the Atlas uses either an INternet connection on phones or for tablets then you need a copy of Google Earth or web access

Buy Now - the eATLAS - JUST £45 On all iPhone / iPad / Android/ Smartphone / Tablet / Laptop

Available NOW for iPhone / Android / iPad / Tablets and Laptops

Click above to pay for your new eAtlas (convenient, easy to carry with you in your pocket, always up to date and easy to use as well as giving you all of the extra features that an atlas cannot like realworld views, turn by turn routes and all on one page at touch of a button. Go on and enter the world of the 21st Century. The price is also comparable to a printed Atalas which doesnt have all these features !

There also other goodies - if you like (as many driver do) to have TURN by TURN instructions - now you can get them as well ! These are STANDARD - just telling you each step of the journey. Below is an example and you can see its easy to follow the route and lookout for things.

Hold onto your old copies of printed maps, because this is the future and its coming VERY fast....

Finally - this is a little picture from the phone, showing part of the Stoke On Trent bypass - looks like some nasty 13ft, 10ft and 15ft bridges - we run at 14ft 6inch and so will opt for that first exit !!

We have decided to launch an e-book map, with full's screen zoom in and out, features galore - see the Low Bridges, Weights, Widths, Industrial Estates and the rest in all their glory ! NEW FOR 2014 - Yes.

Yes, its amazing what interactive maps can do, why dont you buy a copy now ?


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