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Don't just take our word - see what our customers have to say about us;

Mr Alf Nubis, Peterborough - "I work in my local area and mostly know my way around. Sometimes though, the boss will give me what he calls a 'funny little job'. I don't find much to laugh about though ! Things like delivering a machine out to some  farm at the back end of nowhere ! My wife got me a normal tomtom car satnav last birthday - so I thought updating that was a good option.

Its been a huge help - making sure I can always find the right way in and then out. I had heard about your proCAB from my mate which is why I called up. The people were very helpful as I am not very "computer literate" and have never done a download in my life ! It was lots easier than I thought and knowing I could call someone was the clincher for me. It was all loaded later that same day and I have never looked back. Great stuff and keep it up !

This is what HGV drivers have been waiting for !

This is the product that HGV drivers have been waiting for ever since satnav's were invented !

For the very first time there is a simple product for ordinary sat-nav units which can provide large vehicle drivers the essential information they need. drivers can find and then avoid restrictions across mainland UK - for Low Bridges, Structural Restrictions, Height Limits, Weight Limits, Narrow Roads, Urban Width Restrictions, Environmental Limits and other

Built on proven technology developed by HGVSOLUTIONS for the Fleet & Low Bridge Solution. The system holds thousands of locations for Low Bridges, Weight Limits and Width Restrictions for mainland UK.  During product development,  extensive testing was undertaken with leading UK haulage firms and has  resulted in an easy to use system with the features that HGV and commercial drivers require.

You have watched the slideshow and so you know the quality and features of proCAB - why not get your copy today !

What makes proCAB so great ?

HGVSOLUTIONS have developed proCAB PLUS over the last 6 years - with our own powerful database of Restrictions and other useful features for drivers - its an essential add-on!

Take a look at this list of GREAT FEATURES offered by proCAB PLUS;

  • Over 4,200 Low Bridge locations plus 3000 Weights & Widths for mainland UK 
  • Drivers warned of problems with spoken voice alerts on tomtom
  • "pre-plan" and "live alert" features help drivers plan & avoid restrictions
  • Set up warnings for the actual dimensions of the vehicle use
  • All warnings given in Metric and Imperial for ease of use
  • Updates provided every 2 months for free during first years licence
  • Adjust warnings for urban or rural roads - your preference
  • Easy "divert" function to avoid restrictions whilst driving
  • Works with all tomtom and garmin models

ProCAB also works perfectly when coupled with a tomtom TRUCK satnav and enhances them even further. We suggest if you are thinking about buying a new satnav then you take a look at the proCAB versions of the 7100 and 7150 TRUCK in our slideshow. Whatever you drive a rigid, artic, flatbed or transporter - then proCAB can really help you. 

Highlights of the solution

Low Bridges, Weight & Width Restrictions - find them and avoid them

"proCAB" uses our own core technology, developed over a number of years from the proven Fleet & Low Bridge Solution. Based on live data capture system called LAMPS - we have the most advanced data site and structure database in the UK. Following standards recommended by the Highways Agency and the European ICA Transport Group. Its the main displays are in Feet & Inches (Heights & Widths) and Tonnes (Weights). However the full metric measures are included for European Truckers and those who prefer it.

All of our information also provides you with the Road Class if known (M,A,B,C,U) as well as the Road Name and local area (see the screenshot).

proCAB allows HGV drivers to enter the vehicle dimensions into the TomTom before the journey. They can then plan a route and see the specific restrictions that must be avoided. When travelling, spoken and visual alerts warn of approaching restrictions and assist in diverting around them. Once the delivery has been made, vehicle details can be adjusted for the return journey and ensure the quickest route home.

tomtom 7100 image proCAB represents an easy way to make BIG SAVINGS for Haulage Firms in these straightened times. Think of the time saved, problems avoided, risks reduced and the lower Fuel consumed ?

Fleets who tried proCAB out have found that they saved the costs of proCAB back within just 3 months of use ! That's a great return and a real driver to try proCAB on some vehicles in your fleet.

We are an established firm, with 10 years of experience working with tomtom and truck SATNAV's. When you BUY FROM US you get SERVICE, unlike other online dealers who just "box shift" products.

We also offer special adapted versions of the proCAB PLUS system for commercial users, including a custom warning system, pre-planned routes, guidance system, iPad and iPhone versions and office sets. If you think you may want to use or avoid Low Bridges,  Weights and Widths and have some specific problems - call us for chat.

proCAB driver is a happy and efficient driver and that benefits everyone ! 

If you want to PAY ONLINE

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Just click the CHECKOUT button below and it will take you straight to the Payment Page. NO shopping carts, lengthy checkouts, and lots of typing. We use PAYPAL to process all of the payments, don't worry you don't have to join them or be a member. You can simply use your Credit/Debit card as normal.


If you want to PAY OVER THE PHONE

Some people may have a few question to ask before buying the product and others prefer to have someone take their order. So we are happy to still run a telephone order line. Our staff are all in the UK and can answer any questions you may have.

Please don't be shy and call us on 0845 388 6475 to place your order and see just how good our people are !


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