Movement Orders - are they piling up and getting out of control ?

EASY TO USE INTERNET TOOL to help with abnormal loads

hgv planning, avoiding low bridges and speeding up movement orders

Transport Managers - we provide an affordable, quick and easy solution to help planning routes for large vehicles, saving you time and money. The system is integrated with industry standard mapping (from google) to help you fill in Movement Orders easily. If you have a web browser then you are already all setup to use MOPS (Movement Order Planning System) - and all you need is a logon.

MOPS is based on our massive database - the one used for guiding satnav's around Restrictions - which can also be sued for planning. The solution is cheap, quick to setup and can be used immediately. Because it web based, you wont need any IT staff or expenses to get it operating ! Why not have a look below at the system being used and see if this is something that might help you.

To get more info or order a licence is simple - call us on 07920056333 / 0845 388 6475 and ask about MOPS. You will need to tell us how many vehicles you operate and roughly the number of orders a month.   


Don't take our word for it ! This is what our customers say about MOPS

Movement Orders are normally fiddly and complicated. Before using your system - only Rob could do them and it took even him 5 hours or so ! He would sit there slowly mapping a route, checking and tediously cross referencing it all with the atlas. It all had to be copied and all the turns directions written out and finally faxed off - it took ages. Time that Rob wasn't using to get in new business for us ! 

That's why we were all amazed at how easy your MOPS makes doing an order. We login, pop in a start and finish Postcode (or streetname) and it does a route. Its all on the one screen , a standard  map, the detailed directions and route. It also all prints so nicely, simple buttons and its all easy to understand. We look over the route  for problems - those big red markers of yours make this easy. We move the route around to avoid any Restrictions and can zoom into complicated areas to check with street view. The fuel use and the timings all update on the side as you alter the route and so its simple to get the best one. We save it for later, print it off and cut/paste the directions onto an order form - fill in the date etc and email it off !

There are so many great bits, the map and directions with symbols and turns is brilliant, you can demo the route as if driving (which is good to check), zooming is easy and the detail great. MY drivers love the TURN by TURN directions with the map we give them as well. An order now takes about 20 minutes and anyone in the office can do them now ! Sometimes you have to love technology and we wouldn't be without this.

Roman Nowacheck - RFIX Ltd

Here are the main features of MOPS


  • Low Cost, only login needed and UK helpdesk just a call away
  • Can be used for all route planning, every type HGV or other vehicle
  • Helps speed up Movement Orders and can check fuel usage
  • Works over the internet on any computer - PC, apple, smartphone, iPad ..
  • Everything easy to use and its all on the one screen
  • Fuel used, time taken and easy to read TURN by TURN directions
  • Save trips for use later or run a real world demo
  • Easy to alter a route, grab and move - so easy
  • NO other software needed - can be used immediately
  • Updated regularly - included for free in the licence
  • See all Restrictions (Low Bridges, Weights, Widths, Narrow Roads and also Industrial Estates, Farms, Car Dealers, Gravel Pits, etc
  • Easily spot problems on a route and then re-plan
  • Takes postcodes street names and places for the directions
  • Map view or satellite view - with ability to see actual streets
  • Turn by Turn directions for a journey, can be printed, saved or cut and pasted in movement orders
  • Fast zooming into any areas with problems and you can see what there
  • Get turn by turn directions to give to police, drivers and anyone else
  • Speeds up making Movement Orders massively

The power of MOPS is its easy to use and with accurate directions that are hard to beat !

The directions produced are fantastic and can be printed very easily. Below is a picture of a sample route, withy the name of the road, little icon to show directions and the distance - drivers love this. It can also be easily cut/pasted straight into a Movement Order to speed it up. If you want to see the full map and directions click HERE FOR PDF

signs may also be required in some circumstances. For guidance on signage please refer to RC3. An abnormal load is a vehicle of indivisible load which exceeds a gross weight of 40 Tonnes (on five axles),44 Tonnes (on six axles)

or with an axle load greater than 11.5 tonnes, more than 3 metres (9 feet 10 inches) wide or more than 18.75 metres (61 feet 6 inches) long.

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The Council’s adopted Local Plan clearly establishes a road hierarchy the purpose of which is to aid the management of traffic within and

For legislation and information relating to abnormal loads please see

and also functions as a distribution centre for a large number of major national freight companies as well as a local service centre. Government Statutory Instrument 2003 No. 1998, The Road Vehicles (Authorisation of Special Types) (General) Order 2003

We are committed to providing a good quality service to our customers and have published

service standard

Taking you through using it step by step…

So lets start at the yard ..

The images you get are great and anywhere you go can be seen in real world and map views. Here we are looking at the start, the yard - but its also good for finding the right destination s well. Just a quick note – one of the KEY THINGS we offer is how to SETUP the MOPS properly for use. We are experts at this and nice touches - like the large lorry here so you can find where you are easily really helps ! This isn't hard to do - but having everything set right from the beginning makes using it fun.

here we see the real world view of a typical yard - notice the large truck so we can find it easily

How do you use MOPS to Plan the HGV Routes ?

pictures of planning a route and speeding up Movement Orders

With the MOPS tool you can very quickly plan, alter, check and then re-gauge routes for your vehicles. The system is integrated and has all the parts you need, we will help you set it up as well for best use. The beauty is that we provide access to the data sets you need – and you can use this on any web enabled device.

You can "drive through" a real world animation of the journey - look at problem entrances to places ! You can try one route, alter it and try another and then check them both ! You can also step by step go through it with the driver and discuss the final route with him and anything you need him to be aware of. You can save a route you planned and use it later. You can easily print off the route for others, with map and every turn restrictions. You get the cost of fuel (if you import the vehicle) and the directions, compass, distances and all street names. Print them and also copy and paste the turn by turn directions you’re your movement orders.

Step 1 – Plan A Route

We have made a local route from the yard to a nearby High Street as a demo to show you how simple it is. We typed in the postcode for the Destination  and used the Truck Logo for the Start, then clicked GET DIRECTIONS and the map below appears.

So that's good, we have a route - however we need to make sure it OK for an HGV - right ?


its all on the one screen - here we see the list of route directions - start and end places and the overall map view of the route

The route we have runs from A to B – we can see to the left the Turn by Turn directions and the map view from above. From this standard view it would be OK for a car - not for an HGV ! SO lets use MOPS now ...

Step 2 - Low Bridges are now “in the building”

The example here will look at Low Bridges just to show how it works, the full MOPS solution also has narrow roads, bollards, weight limits, width restrictions and so forth included.

We now turn on the MOPS features and our database kicks into life to show us the map view here below.


here we see nicely overlayed the Low Bridges, with their individual heights all shown neatly. Its obvious that we can spot trouble on the route we have planned and will now do something about it.

From the map we can see clearly that some of the route we had planned does seems to go right through a few bridges and they seem to be pretty low at 12ft 6 or so (just to right of the B destination)

Step 3 – Looking for the North West Passage

The system allows a lot of flexibility, w can swap map views from flat map with lines, to terrain, to real world views and back. We wont confuse matters by showing everything that can be done - but we will investigate those bridges.

We can see clearly the route going through the Low Bridges to the north end. It looks like there MAY BE an alternative to the North going up Station Way just before the bridges, but perhaps not we need to check.

We have zoomed in quickly to the 12ft 6 bridge on the North Road and it looks pretty likely there is a Low Bridge here because the "real world" view shows a Railway going over the road. Normally using the MOPS you would assume the label is correct and try another route - however if you nee to be sure (or if like us you are showing how accurate our DATABASE is) then you can look closer.

it looks like there is a railway line going over the road and so that's why there is a 12ft 6in Low Bridge. We will go even closer now just to SHOW OFF our DATABASE

Proof Positive !

Well, here is the “proof of the pudding” we have zoomed in to the Street View of that location and on the A5009 Leek Road (we see above) sure enough we can see two things ! First there is a Low Bridge and the sign on it says 12ft 6in exactly - so our data is proven to be accurate and correct. Secondly - we can see that the MOPS icons are also there showing 12ft 6in heights, pointing your where to look. Without the MOPS data - a quick check of the routes would be impossible, which is why its so useful !


here we can see both the sign with the Low Bridge on it at 12ft 6in and also our MOPS icon at 132ft 6in as well - they match as they should do of course. Without the MOPS you wouldn't know where to look - only by having the extra database can we know to look at this road section for a Restriction

Step 4 - Re-planning with ease

We know theres a problem on themain route and we wont be able to use the road we had planned. Switching to the flat map (from Street view) we can also se now that the North road has a 10ft 6in bridge on it too ! That rules out going north as an alternative - you can see how quickly we switched from the first route map (above) to this possible alternative (which is also ruled out now).


here we have moved the route to a possible alternative - however its obvious now that there is a 10ft 3in bridge on that road and so this route wont work

The system lets you easily just "drag" the route around between possible roads easily and intuitively. This is by far the best and easiest way to get the right route and you can see each of the possibilities. We now need to try a third way - this time going out to the West first before going North.


here is the third route we planned in as many minutes - this one looks a lot more likely. There seems to be no bridges on the rout and we can check that shortly. We dragged the route around on this map and got the best distance and fuel ratings (as they update in real time).

So far in doing this, we have tried out 3 routes and spent perhaps 5 minutes in total.

Step 5 – Final Checks

We need to verify the final route is all OK and to do this we need to zoom in to the left of the map and look to make sure there are no Restrictions we missed. Here we see the area and its a zoomed map - everything looks fine and the route avoids those Restrictions.


here we see a zoomed in map of the left of the area and we can see everything is fine and this will be our route

 If you click on a Restriction when on the map - extra details popup to help you like below.


here we see a zoomed in map of the left of the area and we can see everything is fine and this will be our route

We would now print this off with the map and the turn by turn directions. To see what this looks like you can have  look at the start or CLICK HERE to see it.

The text from the TURN by TURN direction we would cut and paste into a movement order for use later. We would also save the route so we can call it up and share it with divers and others easily.

We hope this has excited you enough to want to discuss it some more ? You can call us on 07920056333 and as for MOPS. Once the licence has been bought, you could be using the solution within 2 days.

Other Useful Features – as standard


As standard the system will make the TURN by TURN text up and let you print it off for use. With everything on the one screens, you can get hard copies to share with people really easily. Also you can go through the route with a driver later because every route can be saved.


you can have both views at the same time - so if you need to check the details of a Restriction on MOPS you can bring up the Street view and watch it change as you move along the road - superb...



Split screen views for checking without moving back and forth

There is also the ability to see two screens at once to save you having to keep switching when you want to check up on what may be a problem of access, Restrictions etc,. Here we see the split screen view and can see above the real world view and below the same map corresponding to that.


you can have both views at the same time - so if you need to check the details of a Restriction on MOPS you can bring up the Street view and watch it change as you move along the road - superb...

Every single Low Bridge with its roadname, and dimensions

Advanced FEatures

If you need more advanced abilities later on - we can also help you take routes off the screen and onto other devices, like iPhones. Save the routes and let anyone in your company load them onto an iPhone. Let someone have the route planned and placed onto their tomtom to them follow it ! There’s a lot that you can start doing once you look and use the integrated web mapping. How about having all your customers on a map and easily planning to all of them and check the details – from phones !

This MOPS is our fastest growing product right now,. because it operate very simply without complicated setup or IT people. It can be up and running quickly and training is a doddle - in person or over the internet.  We also have our dedicated helpdesk if you have a query and the licences are cheap - being matched to the number of vehicles and orders made in a month.

Because the system is so flexible you find that it will get used more generally and not just for orders, access queries, helping people who get stuck, fuel costs, drop offs and the rest., Because its an integrated mapping system that can be extended using models - you can add to the system over time. Better still you an use it at home, on a mobile and any device with the web.

Its also very cost effective a small to medium firm running between 6 and 20 trucks, and making a few orders a week - would only pay around £500 for everything: that's a years licence, setup, solution, database and everything. If you put this against the time saved, the hassle avoided and the beauty of printing our clean routes for drivers (especially when from agencies) - its a very cost effective . To get an actual quote you will need to call us up - however its very simple and value for money.

You can pay us by  CREDIT or DEBIT CARD, E-CHEQUE or using a PAYPAL account. Bank Transfer or BACS can also be used.

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FULL Specification details

Stem Name: 126mm x 79mm x 16mm

Screen Types: Minimum browser based sizes - 800 x 600

Browser: IE, Safari, Chrome, Firefox

OS: Database is based on PSQL, all use is KML json lookups over Web. We do also offer a standalone version which works on Google Earth desktop - which can be used separately

Licence: Is annual and includes all updates - which are on the live system

Map Coverage: Maps cover the world, MOPS covers UK

Locations: Over 1 million locations  

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