Mr Barlow, Wirral

I have been a driver for 17 years and bridges are always a problem. I have wanted a system that helps me avoid Low Bridges for years. This product just takes the pressure off. I already have enough of that on the road anyway. It took me a day to master using the system. When I had it was just fantastic, with all the features I need.

The Warnings let me avoid bridges lower than my cab, whilst I am driving. I specially liked the feature where you can call your route up on the sat-nav. Then it will show you a list of all the bridges on or near your route. This is now part of my now and I would recommend it to any truck driver.


The new tomtom 7100 truck - for ALL LARGE VEHICLES - thats HGV's, Tippers, Rigids, Curtain Sides, Artics - plus Caravans, Motorhomes, Horse Boxes , Boats and more ...

With WIDE SCREEN and FLUID TOUCH (like an iPHONE) why not have a good look at it - see our animated slidshow



The new tomtom 7000 truck - now for ALL LARGE VEHICLES - thats HGV's, Tippers, Rigids, Curtain Sides, Artics - plus Caravans, Motorhomes, Horse Boxes , Boats and more ...

We take a "regular" truck 7000 then BOOST it with proCAB or proTOUR - to give the features you can see HERE.

If you look around at other tomtom truck 7000 dealers - you won't see any screenshots like the one above !

That's because only proCAB or proTOUR (one for HGV other is for Leisure Vehicles) gives you this capability.

It also includes our massive database of useful HGV/Leisure locations - at your fingertips. How about 9000 Industrial Estates, Business Parks, Shopping Centres, Supermarkets, Depots, Truck Stops, car parks, Lay-bys, Farms, Sand Pits, Gravel Pits, Caravan Sites, C&C 9CL & CS), National trust, ASDA, Tesco, M&S, Morrisons, BP, Shell, Keyfuels etc ..



Terms & Conditions - Hardware Sales

HGVSOLUTIONS.COM (part of Landis Media Ltd.) provides a quality service including backup and support. We follow best practice on internet sales of goods.

If a customer changes their mind about a Hardware (tangible) purchase from us and returns the goods unopened and  unused and undamaged (with the box intact - without rips or marks of any kind) within 14 days we will provide a refund.

We do apply a charge in these refunds for re-stocking and transit of the goods (as per the OFT guidance) - £5 for the admin to cover the return and whatever the charge for sending the good originally (copy of postage costs are provided to customers on return). The re-stocking fee is 25% of the total cost of the item, as we can no longer sell the item as "new", it having been setup and configured. 

The sales notes on our hardware sales - specifically mention that you should read the paperwork and guides provided before using/opening the unit. This is to ensure that it does operate and provide the features you require. If you are unsure about any feature or if its provided - then please call us and we will specifically find out for you. Once the unit has been used and activated - it becomes "second hand".

We do this without requiring a reason from the customer, to ensure that they are confident in buying the items they require.

Software Items

This policy does not apply to our software items - we have a separate policy here.

In summary once a product has been used or downloaded we cannot "return" it. We suggest that all customers research fully the products we supply and their features before purchase. We are happy to help any customer with any product query - and would rather avoid a mistake.

There are very few situations where we may refund a software product. For the full POLICY and the possible grounds for Refund - please see HERE.

If the customer returns a physical software item i.e. a CD-ROM and has not used the item or registered it then we may refund some items on a discretionary and case by case basis.

Having a product re-activated or refreshing activations or downloads is a separate matter and its best to contact technical support for that.

Please see our full non-tangible Refunds/Returns Policy

Returns Process - Hardware Items

Firstly please contact us

to see if the issue or reason you have for the return cannot be resolved in some way.

If the item is then to be returned still, please ensure that it has not been used, the box has not been ripped or damaged or the item dropped or marked.

If the item is a CD ROM or SOFTWARE - then you need the Returns/Refunds Policy for Intangibles instead

If there is such damage please call us and discuss this - since we refund only second hand value for second hand goods (box damage for example means we cannot then sell an item as new). In such cases, the customer often chooses to keep the goods.

If being returned, please replace the items into the original packaging/box and then return in a well padded "jiffy" type bag. Make sure that all the cables, leads etc are included as these are easy to leave out.

Posting the item

Return the unit via special delivery - the post office supply for special delivery a silver bag, for this purpose (for free). This provides no padding, but will contain a returns box or Jiffy bag with ease.

When asked (special delivery includes up to £500 insurance) the value - use the cost price plus £50 to cover any incidental losses.

Once posted, please email us with the returns transaction ID so it can be tracked.

Refunding the money

Upon receipt - we will open and examine the goods. we will then email to confirm they are complete and in the required condition. We will then issue a refund via the method you used to pay for them. We will do this within 48 hours (working days)  of confirming receipt and checking the goods for any damage etc.

You will receive a returns email - confirming the refund and the amount. With a copy if required of the postage costs for the items sent originally.

Damaged or marked goods

If the goods are damaged or marked, we will contact you and explain the damage and the amount required to correct or replace the damaged items. If there is a part of the package missing - we will contact you to send it separately. Once we have the full package back, we will then follow as above.

If we find the goods damaged, box ripped etc - then we will contact you and explain this and how much we are able to refund in full on such items. In these instances, we will discuss with you if you would rather keep the unit or have the remaining value returned.