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THIS SLIDESHOW SHOWS THE tomtom TRUCK 7150 with procab added. this option is exclusive to hgvsolutions - which is why you won't see these slides elsewhere. We also sell the standard tomtom truck 7150 at competitive price.

SEE THE TOMTOM PRO TRUCK 5250 or the VERY RELIABLE and popular NEW tomtom PRO truck 6000

MR JONES, Coalville - "I had been looking at quite a few truck satnav's but didn't want to waste my money. I don't have the time to become an expert and research every different model or system. Your website attracted me instantly, I could read about it and also see all the real pictures. The actual screens you show help because you can see what it does. I called up with some questions and your chap explained things to me clearly (no jargon). This actually made me confident to go ahead and order a system the same day. I haven't looked back since and wonder now how I managed without a satnav. That's why I wanted to drop you a line - let other drivers know how helpful HGVSOLUTIONS are....

What's the difference between a tomtom TRUCK 7150 and the "Ready to GO" proCAB tomtom TRUCK 7150  ?

Avoid a costly mistake when you compare prices/deals/retailers - we suggest you talk to us - even if you then go elsewhere - at least get all the facts and understand the options for truck satnav ?


Internet and Online shops all sell with PRICE being the main thing. That's OK if you are price comparing Fridges, DVD, TV etc. Everyone can use a Fridge and one model is pretty similar to another ! You choose a model, compare some prices online and then buy the cheapest. With a specialist unit like a TRUCK SATNAV its very different - you need to speak to people who use them and understand all the details - because it makes a big difference !

Most satnav resellers sell hundreds of satnav models and one model is like another to them, they don't have time (or inclination) to understand LARGE VEHICLE satnav's. Its totally different for you - you don't want to buy a hundred - you just want to get the right one first time !

On websites you will see the same blurb and pictures all the time, with no "real world" images of the units and no "real people" to talk to about them. We on the other hand are experts - the slides above are "real", from our tomtom pro units and you wont see these anywhere else.

Ask these companies and we bet that none of them have ever used a TRUCK SATNAV, probably not even taken one out of its box ! They can't answer detailed questions and will refer you back to tomtom. We here at HGV HQ call them "box shifters" - fine to buy a new fridge from, but not a pro-specialist satnav ! 


Clearly we are a very different business, because we exclusively sell TRUCK SATNAV'S. You can call our experts and ask questions about the truck satnav's, we help every driver;  HGV, Rigid, Crane, Horsebox, Boat, Motor Home, Caravan, Brock Badger and even Jamie Oliver ! We talk about real world uses, your daily headaches and explain how these units will help you - in reality ! You will become that most dangerous of animals the "informed consumer" ! It is after all a serious investment and you want to get it right !

Our site has plenty of clear pictures and details, we can answer any technical questions you may have. Importantly we use, fit, setup and test all makes and models of TRUCK satnav's all of the time. Plus we developed our own proCAB solution specifically to enhance the basic tomtom satnav's for HGV drivers. That's our credentials as experts - so lets share what we know with you...  

To get the very best results from any TRUCK satnav  you need to make sure its been setup correctly and properly updated. A satnav bought today was made about 9 months ago and so the maps all need updating from day ONE. That's why we have the Ready to GO option for the demanding consumer who just wants to plug it in and use it !

Unique amongst resellers - we offer this "Ready to GO" option on tomtom satnav's - where we do the hard work for you. Customers buying our "top of the range" models know our tech team have professionally setup and configured their unit. All you have to do is plug it in and start driving !

Some people actually enjoy doing the updates and techie stuff - for them we offer a "standard" TRUCK 7150 at the same price as other resellers. Unlike the other resellers - any customer of ours who has a problem can call us up and we will help them.  

Our most popular model is the "Ready to GO" proCAB tomtom TRUCK 7150 - by a long way. It may cost a little bit more, but with all the extra features and peace of mind its setup properly - people know its well worth it.

You can see further details below and also an order button or phone number. If you are still a little confused or want to chat then please call us - all our people are UK based and can answer technical questions.

If you have some questions or need some help, again we are there - on the phone with knowledgeable UK helpdesk staff. We also run the helpdesk over weekends and extended business hours as our commitment to customers. People are often surprised when we answer calls at 9PM or on a Bank Holiday weekend ! As an established specialist firm who only sell truck and large vehicle satnav products - we have a strong reputation to protect.

Why is this the BEST TRUCK satnav EVER from tomtom ?

NEW TomTom GO PRO Truck 7150 has a LARGE 5 inch SCREEN
and provides tomtom's word class HGV and truck routing

Many HGV drivers favour a larger screen and so TOMTOM has bought out the new 7150 model with a great big 5 inch / 13 cm screen (diagonal). The satnav itself is packed full of features that you expect from world leader tomtom - allows you to automatically avoid tight bends, Low Bridges, Widths, Weights, Narrow Roads ... 

As with all our satnav's - this is setup and ready for you to use, latest maps and speed cameras all updated, as well as a tomtom PLUS account. Drivers purchase from us (which costs a little more than mass retailers) because they know quality and what is a complex system to be setup properly from the start. If you are investing in the best truck satnav - then you too will want to be sure its properly configured from day one.

The tomtom 7150 benefits from its larger screen with easy navigation and maximum safety, giving clear visual instructions whilst navigating and the real world 3D view at complex junctions. The voice prompts also allow you to drive without reference to the screen if you prefer.

What are the key features of the new tomtom TRUCK 7150 ?

tomtom has listened to the drivers feedback and this NEW model the tomtom GO PRO 7150 TRUCK really does have it all !

Take a look at this list of GREAT FEATURES in the NEW MODEL;picture of features

  • High Density - HD Traffic* ++
  • Bluetooth and Handsfree
  • Live Services (see icons to right)*
  • IQ Routes for Trucks
  • Full Map Share updates
  • Speed Cameras and Zones
  • Advanced 3D Lane Guidance
  • 42 European Countries Maps
  • Weather and Conditions*
  • Fuel stops and prices
  • Included speed camera database

* Requires webfleet subscription and pro300 unit

++ If you don't want to pay for subscriptions/LIVE SERVICES - but do want the live traffic and re-routes we have a solution. A simple add on cable for the tomtom 7150 picks up RDS/TDS traffic across all of Europe - ask for details.


KEY FEATURES of the tomtom 7150

  • Easy menus with an improved user interface and capacitive Fluid Touch screen.
  • Always arrive on time and avoid delays using advanced "IQ routes"
  • Gives a realistic arrival time (ETA) to drivers - so they can let clients know when they will arrive
  • Be Safe - less stress on routes when the tomtom helps you out
  • Avoid dead ends - with specific warnings
  • Avoid areas with schools and churches or pedestrians
  • Avoid places where the size or length of the truck will cause problems
  • Screen allows you to zoom in and out easily (New Fluid Touch)
  • Advanced Lane Guidance - gets you into the correct lane at complicated junctions well before the exit
  • Text-to-speech technology gives on screen and verbal information - like directions, upcoming roads, streets, manoeuvres and messages – so they can focus on the road ahead.
  • Help Me! menu give easy and quick details of local services: Police, Hospitals, Doctors and Roadside Help
  • Speed Cameras Warnings are included as standard
  • Hands-free using Bluetooth - allows drivers to use their mobile phones in complete safety and keep in touch while on the road.

Other advantages of the tomtom 7150

tomtom GO live menuThe screen is certainly noticeable and a really great improvement - TOMTOM have done two things; firstly they have "de-cluttered" it and made everything slicker, simpler and easier to see (check out the slideshow above to see this). Secondly, using the THIN FLUID SCREEN technology, they have made it much easier to click and move about. This also means that you get a WIDESCREEN satnav that fits really easily into your pocket as its really FLAT.

You can see all this from our SLIDESHOW above - see the quality !

the very best truck maps for UK and Europe

The TomTom PRO 7150 Truck gets you to destinations across the whole of Europe. With all of these key features:

  • A Lower Average Speed of trucks on roads
  • Save Time and Fuel with the Smartest Routes
  • Tight Turns and Sharp angles trucks find hard
  • Truck prefer left turns to right turns
  • Advanced IQ Routes plans the best route for whatever time of day
  • TomTom Map Share you can make corrections to your maps.

With coverage for the FULL 45 European Countries. It uses the Truck Attributes for the following countries: Andorra Austria Belgium Czech Republic Denmark Finland France Germany Gibraltar Greece Hungary Ireland Italy Liechtenstein Luxemburg Malta Monoca The Netherlands Norway Portugal San Marino Slovakia Spain Switzerland Turkey United Kingdom Vatican City

ORDERING from us is SIMPLE, SECURE and SAFE - plus you can choose to buy ONLINE or on the TELEPHONE

Avoid complex web-pages, shopping carts and typing things into fiddly little boxes. HGVSOLUTIONS keeps it really simple - one button to click or phone your order through - whatever you prefer !

Use either ONE CLICK CHECKOUT or PHONE ORDERING its simple. There are two buttons for online ordering below - one for the standard tomtom TRUCK 7150 and the other for the "Ready to GO" fully setup proCAB tomtom TRUCK 7150 (shown in the slideshow).

Click the relevant button and you will be taken to a payment page. We use PAYPAL to process all orders - you can use a PayPal account or standard credit or debit card. Once your order has been placed, we will contact you and confirm the address details before posting the unit. Giving you peace of mind that everything is safe, secure and you have ordered the correct product.

If you would rather speak to someone or ask a few questions  we also have a telephone order line.

Pay using any CREDIT or DEBIT CARD, E-CHEQUE or using a PAYPAL account.

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If you want to PAY ONLINE

Choose between the standard tomtom 7150 and the 7150 with pre-installed proCAB plus. Click the CHECKOUT button and it will take you straight to a payment page - where you can choose to use PayPal or a CREDIT/DEBIT card.

No shopping carts, lengthy checkouts, and lots of typing. PAYPAL actually process all of the payments (don't worry you don't have to join) - so if you use a DEBIT/CREDIT card you are still protected by their excellent security. You just simply use your Credit/Debit card as normal.


PLEASE NOTE: The 7150 does not have FREE MAP or LIVE SERVICES (unlike the tomtom 5150) for more details please call us 0746 268 7145

Order this top of range proCAB PLUS "Ready to GO"

tomtom TRUCK 7150 for just £399(INC VAT*)



If you want to PAY OVER THE PHONE

Some people may have a few question to ask before buying the product and others prefer to have someone take their order. So we are happy to still run a telephone order line. Our staff are all in the UK and can answer any questions you may have.

Please don't be shy and call us on 0845 388 6475 or 0792 0056 333 to place your order and see just how good our people are !

FULL Specification details

Dimensions: 127mm x 79mm x 19mm
Screen Type: Capacitive widescreen with FLUID TOUCH
Memory: 8 Gb Internal Flash
Software Updates: MY TOMTOM Web framework
Bluetooth®: YES with full RTPTT (hands free calling)
Screen Size: EXTRA WIDESCREEN - 5 in / 13cm
Weight: 218 grams
Map Coverage: All EU Countries (45 separate EU countries)
Truck Maps: See the detailed listings above

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