SUPER DEAL - £299 tomtom proCAB 750 LIVE TRUCK (work)

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These are various pictures from the 750 TRUCK model, all brand new with tomtom WORK and proCAB on them - setup and updated. You can get LIVE services as well as using the proCAB and the tomtom WORK (set the height, weight, Width and Length of vehicles and it will plan the route FOR YOU). You can also use the extras from proCAB to check the route and alter it and replan.

Order top of range "Ready To GO" 750 LIVE Truck - for just £299

Why is this a great deal ?

These were delayed in a Customs Warehouse and so the boxes had been opened but not the units inside. We bought 50 and have 1 left (as of July 17th 2012) - we are selling them as a discount for drivers who want a new unit, but dont want to spend £400.

The all have full 1 years warranty, proCAB PLUS, updated maps, speed cameras, blue tooth and use tomtom TRUCK (work) as you can see from the slides. "ready to GO". With tomtom's TRUCK ROUTING capabilities and maps, plus our own proCAB PLUS database of HGV restrictions. You get all the capabilities that are shown in the slides above.

These 750 are based on the same hardware as the rugged 7000 and 9000 PRO models - which is why they can use the TRUCK modes. We have updated the MAPs and CAMERAS and also installed proCAB onto them. You can switch them between COACH, BUS, TRUCK CARAVAN. MOTOROHOME and back to CAR - or just set your own DIMENSIONS up.

Before the expensibe 7150 TRUCK came out these were out best sellers - as tomtom truck satnav are known for its power and reliability.

If you are looking for a good deal and a great satnav for a truck - with its dual capabilities - you get everything you need. It plans a route for a large vehicle of any dimension you setup. It also has proCAB PLUS which lets you check the route and because of proCAB you can clearly see everything on the map.

You can see all this from our SLIDESHOW above - see the quality !

What makes the proCAB tomtom truck 750 LIVE so great ?

tomtom have included all of the BEST and LATEST technology in this satnav. That's why it the professionals choice of truck satnav !

Take a look at this list of GREAT FEATURES in the NEW MODEL;** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **

  • High Density - HD Traffic
  • Bluetooth and Handsfree
  • Live Services (see icons to right)
  • IQ Routes for Trucks
  • Full Map Share updates
  • Speed Cameras and Zones
  • Advanced 3D Lane Guidance
  • 45 European Countries Maps
  • Weather and Conditions
  • Fuel stops and prices
  • Included speed camera database

Unlike other tomtom dealers - we only sell truck satnav's

We are a specialist firm and only sell HGV and truck satnav's and software. Our company name spells this out - HGVSOLUTIONS !

This "Ready to GO" tomtom GO PRO 750 (shown above) can only be bought from** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE ** HGVSOLUTIONS. We are an established firm, with 10 years of experience working with tomtom and truck SATNAV's. Our award winning "proCAB PLUS" solution coupled with the tomtom's own routing capabilities - actually gives you TWO databases on the MAP to help route the truck. The screen to the right will only be found on our proCAB tomtom 750 - not a regular 750.

Online stores sell on PRICE, which is fine when you buy a fridge or TV. However with a truck satnav you want the best and you need to know its been setup properly to make sure you get the right results (and make sure the latest maps are installed).

Customers of our proCAB 750 don't have to fiddle with cables and computers - they just plug in and GO ! That's why we setup and update every unit before its sent out - and that's why drivers who know BUY from us. You can be sure that it professionally setup, fully updated and configured for your truck and ready to use.

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **When you have some questions and need some help, again we are there - on the phone with UK helpdesk staff, who can help you with anything you need. We also run the helpdesk over weekends and extended business hours as our commitment to customers. People are often surprised when we answer calls at 9PM or on a Bank Holiday weekend !

So avoid any problems with your new investment and any messing about with a computer, cables and complex software updates/patches. BUY FROM HGVSOLUTIONS and have the CONFIDENCE and PEACE OF MIND that your new satnav will work properly from day one !

the very best truck maps for UK and Europe

The TomTom proCAB 750 Truck gets you to destinations across the whole of Europe. You also get full alerts, warnings and Low Bridge, Weight and Width details on the map - from proCAB PLUS. With all of these key features:

  • A Lower Average Speed of trucks on roads
  • Save Time and Fuel with the Smartest Routes
  • Industrial Estates, Lay-bys, Truckstops, Services, Keyfuels etc
  • Tight Turns and Sharp angles trucks find hard
  • Spoken restrictions e.g. "15ft 6in Low Bridge Ahead"
  • Full proCAB PLUS software installed and setup  
  • Truck prefer left turns to right turns
  • Advanced IQ Routes plans the best route for whatever time of day
  • TomTom Map Share you can make corrections to your maps.
  • HD Traffic, LIVE services and realtime traffic available*

It also can plan and route you around Low Bridge, Weights and Widths in: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands & the United Kingdom

*In addition to TomTom Map Share technology, if you use tomtom WORK with the The TomTom GO 750 Truck includes HD Traffic and LIVE services for real-time traffic information (a subscription is needed), as well as IQ Routes technology for accurate routing and arrival time estimates.

ORDERING from us is SIMPLE, SECURE and SAFE - plus you can choose to buy ONLINE or on the TELEPHONE

Avoid the hassles of complex web-pages, shopping carts and typing things into fiddly little boxes. HGVSOLUTIONS keeps things really simple - one click online payment or phone your order through - whatever you prefer !

Maybe like us you think some websites are just too complex or seem to make it HARD to SPEND YOUR MONEY with them ? We have all seen fiddly pages, small boxes and over complex shopping carts. You take ages typing everything in and then you press the button and it wipes it all out and you have to type again !

Here at HGVSOLUTIONS we pride ourselves on doing things differently. We like keeping it SIMPLE and FAST. One click takes you go straight to the CHECKOUT PAGE, no carts, no hassle and no fuss.

If you would rather speak to someone, ask a few questions and have someone take the order - we have that covered too. Call our helpful sales staff,  they are also technically trained and can answer any questions you might have.  I know that very unusual these days, but we did tell you we were DIFFERENT !

Pay using any CREDIT or DEBIT CARD, E-CHEQUE or using a PAYPAL account.

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If you want to PAY ONLINE

Just click the CHECKOUT button below and it will take you straight to the Payment Page. NO shopping carts, lengthy checkouts, and lots of typing. We use PAYPAL to process all of the payments, don't worry you don't have to join them or be a member. You can simply use your Credit/Debit card as normal.


Order top of range "Ready To GO" 750 Truck - for just £299(Inclusive)

If you want to PAY OVER THE PHONE

Some people may have a few question to ask before buying the product and others prefer to have someone take their order. So we are happy to still run a telephone order line. Our staff are all in the UK and can answer any questions you may have.

Please don't be shy and call us on 0845 388 6475 to place your order and see just how good our people are !

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